Real Life is a Bitch

thanks for reading

As it turns out, consistently posting on a site is a really difficult thing to do. And with working 2 jobs and a severe lack of shredding, I just haven’t had time to run this site – or the desire. This is my second or third failed attempt at getting a blog going for the long haul, and every time it seems that after a couple good weeks, life happens. And the time just isn’t there – or what little time that is there just gets allotted to other things. I didn’t, however, want to just leave this site in limbo. That has been nagging at me, and I want to finish on a positive. With that, some finishing updates:

We were able to raise $271 for prostate cancer awareness during Movember! Thank you to everyone who donated, I really appreciate it. I’ll be doing Movember again next year, so find me on the interwebz if you would like to donate again. I’m not hard to get ahold of.

I have also kegged my first batch of beer! Starting small with Mr. Beer basic recipes, but from here on out will be altering them to be my own. Who knows where this will lead, but for apartment brewing, you can’t beat the convenience of Mr. Beer. It’s been sitting for a couple days now, and has a nice foam on top and the sediment is starting to settle at the bottom. January 11th will be bottling day, and January 26th it will be going into the fridge. By February, I’ll have my first home brew ready to drink. I’m excited.

Whiteface is in two weeks, and our rescheduled Mount Snow trip is in four. I may also be riding Friday, so the season can finally get going. It’s about time.

So, where can you find me now? Well, as a lot of you know, you can follow my personal account on Twitter, @AndrewEnzy. If Google+ is your thing, you can find me there. I may also occasionally post something up on my original blog, so take a look at that if you feel so inclined. I won’t stop you.

Thank you for reading, it was fun while it lasted. May nothing but pow days and great brews be in your future!

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