East Coast November Snowboarding

And the season is underway! This past weekend a group of us headed up to Killington to get some mid-November runs in, and it was well worth the 8 hour drive. It was just one lift and 3 runs (not top to bottom either), but just to get out there and shake the rust off was a great feeling. I had never ridden in November, or on my birthday, so that alone made the trip worth it. That, and starting the season off in a hoodie is never a bad thing.

This trip I rode my DC MLF 154 with Targa bindings and Libertine boots. Too early to break out the Agent Rocker in those thin cover spring conditions. I did get to ask some guys from Rome about the Mod Rocker, and I’m really starting to think this is gonna be my next board. But for now, I’ll just be playing around on the MLF until the conditions get a bit more wintery. Got the next trip plans in the works, and it looks like I’ll have 4 or 5 days on the hill before the Poconos even open up. Not bad.

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We’re about halfway through Movember so there’s still time to donate to support the fight against prostate cancer. Any donation of any size is appreciated. Thanks!

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2 Responses to East Coast November Snowboarding

  1. ridingswitch says:

    Am very jealous you’ve been out shredding already! It’s still so mild over here that I fear my first turns might be a long way off… Hope the mo is coming along nicely!

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