Brew Review – Harpoon Octoberfest (with a C)

Harpoon OctoberfestBrewery: Harpoon Brewery
Brew: Octoberfest
Style: Märzan/Oktoberfest
ABV: 5.5%
Price: $8.98
Their Take: Harpoon Octoberfest features a malty, full-bodied taste and deep garnet-red color. We brew this Märzen-style beer with festivals in mind. Celebrate with us. Prosit!

My Thoughts
I know it’s November now (No Shave November, at that), but to me Oktoberfest beers are a fall beer, not restricted to October. I know some companies disagree, as it’s already easier to find winter brews than Oktoberfest, but the next couple reviews are going to be all about this style. First up, we have Harpoon’s, and, honestly, I wasn’t too big of a fan. It had the typical heavier taste of an Oktoberfest, but something was off to me. The beer seemed to have an almost sour finish too it, and it was very distracting to the rest of the taste. The after taste really resonated in the back of my throat and nose, but that wasn’t a good thing. For starting so strong, it really fell off at the end.

Rating: 5/10

Comments are always welcome, and remember, I’ll be raising money for prostate cancer awareness all month with Movember, so feel free to donate here. Thanks!

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