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boards and brews movemberProstate cancer. It’s the second most common cancer among men in the US, causing more than 33,000 deaths in 2011 alone, with another 240,000 new cases found this year, including one in my own family. I’m sure you know someone who has been affected by it, whether that person is in your family or just a loved one. It’s one of those things that you never think about until it hits close to home. And then you wonder, what can I do and is it too late? The answer is no, it’s never too late to get the word out. So, for the month of November, Boards&Brews will be adding another B to the pack – beards.

Throughout November, which I am starting clean-shaven, I will be participating in No Shave November as a Mo Bro and raising money for prostate cancer research with over 1 million other people around the world through Movember. Technically, Movember is all about growing a mustache, but my mustache growing abilities are rather subpar. My beard growing, however, is a bit more acceptable. So I will be altering Movember a bit to take part in No Shave November. The important part, however, is raising awareness about this disease, and hopefully donating a some money to quality organizations dedicated to the cause.

I will be posting pictures throughout Movember as evidence of the process. If you would like to donate with Boards&Brews, follow this link to donate through Movember, and spread the word about the cause. I don’t have much to offer those who donate other than a grateful thank you, however the person who gives the most by the end of the month will get to choose how I shave the beard at the start of December. I’ll wear that around for a while as a extra thank you for your kindness. Fu manchu? You got it. Neck beard? Done deal. Chin strap? I’ll do it, albeit reluctantly.

For more information about Movember, check out their site here. To learn more about prostate cancer and the campaign’s beneficiary, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, visit them here. And if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate here. Thank you so much for your generosity, it truly is appreciated.

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