Local Flavor IV: Some Randoms at Blue

Happy Halloween! Hopefully the holiday treated you well and you got nice and drunk. Or ate a lot of candy. Or both. Whatever works for you, I hope that happened. The lady shred and I had a Halloween House Warming party, and were able to dress up as Dexter and a victim, complete with a kill room with pictures of everyone attending hanging up. It turned out really well, check out the pics and GIF after the jump. Yes, I still find GIFs to be entertaining. I know this isn’t really about snowboarding or beer (there was a lot of beer at the party though, and a lot left over which works well for the brew reviews), but I wanted to share these shots.

Dexter Victim Animated GIF

Dexter and Victim Halloween CostumeDexter and Victim Kill Room Table








As for your local shred video, this one comes out of Blue Mountain. Some guys put together this video of them riding. I’m really starting to enjoy these random clips from random riders. Nothing like seeing people just enjoying snowboarding for the sake of snowboarding.

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