Union Danny Kass Bindings Have Arrived

Danny Kass Union BindingsThis isn’t what I was talking about when I said I had an announcement yesterday, but I just thought I’d let people in the South Jersey/Philly area know that some Danny Kass bindings came in to D&Q. They’re tie dyed and come with their own case. Pretty sick, definitely check ’em out.

The main thing that I wanted to announce is that I will be participating in a modified Movember throughout the month of November. Movember is a world wide fund raiser for prostate cancer research, and I have set a very modest goal of raising $250 to donate. More details will be coming at the start of November, but I just wanted to get it out ahead of time. So set aside some money for a great cause, and feel good about yourself. I’m sure the karma will payoff later on this winter. Check out their website, and if you’d like to get a head start on donating you can do so here. Thanks!

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2 Responses to Union Danny Kass Bindings Have Arrived

  1. snowboarding says:

    sick graphics/colors on these bindings

  2. chilldays says:

    is this still availble?

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