Brew(ery) Review: Sam Adams Boston Brewery

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No brew review this week (lots coming up, though. Fall beers are in full swing now), so I’ve got some photos from the Sam Adams brewery. I went on a brewery tour while on vacation in Boston this summer, and during this tour they let us know something that I had no idea about. The Boston brewery (a fantastic tour, by the way, worth the trip if you’re in Boston. You can take the T to get there, super easy) doesn’t really make much of the beer. That is done at their other breweries in Cincinnati and in Lehigh, PA. Boston Lager, however, is in fact brewed in Boston, and I guess that’s all that really matters for posterity’s sake. The important thing to know, however, is that there is free beer involved at the end (4 beer tasting) and you get to keep your tasting glass. It’s a smaller glass, but it’s still a cool souvenir. And, you get to refill it until your table’s pitcher is gone. We also got to vote on their next beer, which was extremely difficult because both of their tasting beers (Oaked Ale and Maple Pecan Porter) were delicious. So, here are some pictures from the tour. A big-for-this-site announcement is coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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