YoBeat’s State of Shred Hits PA

Pennsylvania Boards and Brews State of ShredYoBeat is back at their “State of Shred” profiles, and recently they had Dinosaurs in Outerspace cover Pennsylvania. Judging from their piece, and the fact that they were in the Arnette Crew Clash, I’m guessing these guys don’t leave the park much. Which is fine, but will obviously skew their view of different mountains (more towards Big Boulder and 7 Springs). Just thought I’d bring the article to the attention of other PA riders. Here are some of my quick thoughts on the article:

  • My two top mountains in the Poconos are Elk followed by Camelback. Elk if you want to drive the extra mileage to ride, Camelback to save an hour drive time each way. Decent riding at both places.
  • I was honestly surprised to see Bear Creek in there. I got back into snowboarding at Bear Creek after a couple years of only going once or twice a year, and was glad to see the small hill get some love.
  • I haven’t been to 7 Springs since Vermont is closer to me and I’d rather ride there. But from what I’ve heard it’s a great place for park, and I have yet to hear anything about actual terrain. I don’t think that’s a good thing, but let me know if you’ve got knowledge to the contrary.
  • Tussey? What the hell is Tussey?
  • The mountain with the most vertical in PA, Blue Mountain, was ignored. Personally, I’m not a fan of the place with the bodies littering the trails and runs shaved down to ice by 2 PM, but I was still shocked it didn’t get more of a mention.

I’ll have more on individual resorts in the area as the season gets closer, but it’s good to see the area not being knocked for once. We don’t get the most snow, or have the highest elevation, or really have any claim to fame at all. But PA is still a solid place to ride, learn and progress. I’ve lost all my pictures from the Poconos, (thanks ruined SD card. I’m on board with the cloud/instant uploading movement now) so here is Dinosaurs in Outerspace’s edit from the Crew Clash.

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