The Shred Remains Philly Premiere

One of the problems with living in Philly is how close it is to New York City. It’s also a great thing, but it poses a lot of issues – mainly that the premieres all tend to happen there, and since its a 2 hour drive from Philly, we never get anything. Rome decided to kick this trend, and premiered their movie The Shred Remains right over the bridge at Temple. The Temple Snowboarding Club won Rome’s inaugural Imma Betta Jibba contest, so it was only natural to hold it there.

I showed up late thanks to a sweet detour through North Philly, shady at best, but managed to make it for the second half of the movie. I got there in time to see MFR absolutely kill it through some ridiculous lines; she’s really helping to destroy the stereotypes surrounding women riding. Women in general are starting to go huge, and it’s awesome to watch, and will hopefully get them more involved in the male dominated snowboard scene. LNP did his LNP thing for the ender, and it was great, but I gotta say Lucas Debari had the best part in the film. All backcountry, which is more to my liking honestly, and he was just massive. I mean, there really is no way to describe it, all I can do is just highly, highly recommend watching this one. The 2011 movies are solid all around, and this deserves to be in the rotation.

After the movie there was the usual product toss, then some 7 Springs ticket/pass giveaways followed by a raffle for an Artifact Rocker. They must have gone through 10 tickets before finally drawing someone who was still there. People must have bailed after the movie to get a head start on Thirsty Thursday (it is college after all), and a lot of people missed out on getting a board. LNP, Lazz and Riley Nickerson were there signing posters and I met up with some of the guys from the shop who made the trip into the city. Overall, solid film, solid night. Enjoy the admittedly crappy shots I took at the premiere.

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