Wildwood Will Be A Drunken Mess This Weekend

This weekend, Wildwood will be noticeably greener as Irish Weekend hits in it’s full glory. And by full glory, I mean lots of intoxication (by people who can’t handle it), bare knuckle boxing (awesome), and bagpipes (kinda cool in small doses). The website would have you believe different, but this is just a fall weekend of St. Patrick’s Day, a weekend of live music and binge drinking, which I’m absolutely on board with. If I didn’t have anything going on, I’d be down there. Not for the 5K (scheduled for 8 AM on Saturday – rough) or the parade or any of the other “Irish pride” features of the weekend, despite my partially Irish heritage. I’d be down there for the same reason these fine people are:

wildwood Irish weekend Desireewildwood irish weekend john

wildwood irish weekend margaretwildwood irish weekend jason

The weather (rain) is going to make this event more of a mess that usual, but I’m sure it’ll still be a blast. Everybody’s Irish, at least for this weekend – drink up.

For more information, visit the Wildwood Irish Weekend website.
Photos via Facebook. It’s getting crazy up in there.


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