Welcome to Boards&Brews

Okemo Mountain Summer

A beginning.

First, let me start off with a standard welcome to this blog/site/internet space with words. Good to have ya. Now, you’re probably wondering what this Boards&Brews thing is that you’ve stumbled upon. Let’s break it down what we’re here to accomplish:

  • Snowboarding – No, not breaking news, exclusive video or a shit ton of product reviews. More like local events, pictures from my own trips and generally things I find entertaining going on in the industry. I do get my hands on a lot of gear, so occasionally I’ll talk about product, but the real focus is going to be local, which is the Philly area, by the way. Not a ton of great riding close by (the nearest mole hill is 2 hours away, Vermont is 6 hours), but there are a lot of good things going on around here, and I head up north a couple times a season. Do I ride 100+ days a year? No, loans and bills forced me into the real world, cutting down my ride time. Do I get to every event? No, again work gets in the way of that. However, I will try and let people know what’s going on in the South Jersey/Philly area. Believe it or not, it’s a great spot.
  • Beer – The best after snowboarding snack. Now, this topic I will have reviews on. Every time I go pick up beer, I try and pick up a brew that I haven’t had before. I’ll continue this, take some pictures, put up a quick review on Untappd, and post longer thoughts here. What it tasted like, what I enjoyed, what I didn’t, and a recommendation. I’ll also be starting to brew beer at home, so that adventure will be put up here for all to enjoy, and probably laugh at.
So there you have it. Snowboarding. Beer. Awesome. Follow along and enjoy.
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3 Responses to Welcome to Boards&Brews

  1. ridingswitch says:

    Hey, there don’t seem to be too many snowboarding blogs on here so I thought I’d say hi! Loving your boards and beer combo! Sounds like I’m in a pretty similar position to you – love snowboarding but after a couple of winters in the mountains have had to return to the real world. My compromise is working in the industry… and blogging about what I know and love best! Drop by if you’d like to say hi. It’s good to ‘meet’ a fellow boarding blogger. Bring on the snow…!

  2. Awesome, thanks for the support! I’ll be sure to add your site and check it out. I work part time at a shop, but really wish I could go full time in the industry – it’s a goal that this blog will have to satisfy for the time being. Winter can’t come soon enough.

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