Real Life is a Bitch

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As it turns out, consistently posting on a site is a really difficult thing to do. And with working 2 jobs and a severe lack of shredding, I just haven’t had time to run this site – or the desire. This is my second or third failed attempt at getting a blog going for the long haul, and every time it seems that after a couple good weeks, life happens. And the time just isn’t there – or what little time that is there just gets allotted to other things. I didn’t, however, want to just leave this site in limbo. That has been nagging at me, and I want to finish on a positive. With that, some finishing updates:

We were able to raise $271 for prostate cancer awareness during Movember! Thank you to everyone who donated, I really appreciate it. I’ll be doing Movember again next year, so find me on the interwebz if you would like to donate again. I’m not hard to get ahold of.

I have also kegged my first batch of beer! Starting small with Mr. Beer basic recipes, but from here on out will be altering them to be my own. Who knows where this will lead, but for apartment brewing, you can’t beat the convenience of Mr. Beer. It’s been sitting for a couple days now, and has a nice foam on top and the sediment is starting to settle at the bottom. January 11th will be bottling day, and January 26th it will be going into the fridge. By February, I’ll have my first home brew ready to drink. I’m excited.

Whiteface is in two weeks, and our rescheduled Mount Snow trip is in four. I may also be riding Friday, so the season can finally get going. It’s about time.

So, where can you find me now? Well, as a lot of you know, you can follow my personal account on Twitter, @AndrewEnzy. If Google+ is your thing, you can find me there. I may also occasionally post something up on my original blog, so take a look at that if you feel so inclined. I won’t stop you.

Thank you for reading, it was fun while it lasted. May nothing but pow days and great brews be in your future!

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Local Flavor VII: Flipping New Jersey

Another edit out of Jersey’s finest, Mountain Creek. This is this guy’s 2011 edit, and is much improved on his 2010 edit, which I watched as well. He seemed to have abandoned his painful to watch spins for much improved flips. Good for him.

Enjoy the short week everyone, and remember Movember is still going on. Show your thanks for everything you have by donating a small amount towards the fight against prostate cancer. Every bit is appreciated. Thanks!

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2011-12 Winter Outlook

The NOAA has released their outlook for the upcoming winter, and things are looking promising for the northern United States. It’s looking like another La Nina year, which essentially means a colder, wetter winter out west and, according to their maps, the northern Midwest along the Canadian border. Take a look at the maps from the NOAA on how they think the winter will pan out:

NOAA Temperature Map

NOAA Temperature Map

NOAA Winter Precipitation Map

NOAA Winter Precipitation Map

And here’s my map, created by overlaying the temperature and precipitation maps, and highlighting where the highest percentages of each intersected. The whiter an area is, the better of a chance of increased snowfall. The darker greys indicate an increased chance of snowfall, just a lower chance of that happening.

2011 2012 US Snow Map

Unfortunately what this didn’t translate to is a snowy winter in the East, specifically New Jersey and the Poconos. The snow looks like it will really be focused along the Canadian border and Great Lakes, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. The Pocono region fell into the absolutely useless position of having an equal chance of either a warm winter, cold winter, or an average winter.

You know Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine will get their snow, but what will it take for us in the Mid-Atlantic? While the West will be celebrating another La Nina year with 450+ inches of snow, we will need to look north to hope for a Negative Arctic Oscillation, or NAO. The Arctic Oscillation controls what kind of air flows across the Northeast throughout the winter. A Negative Arctic Oscillation is associated with high pressure in the Arctic region, which forces cold air down into the warmer middle latitudes. This in turn makes the middle latitudes colder than normal. A Positive Arctic Oscillation means low pressure in the Arctic, allowing warm air to flow more north than it normally would.

To simplify it, a Negative Arctic Oscillation means colder air is forced down from Canada, and results in below average temperatures. This cycle has played out the past two winters, and has resulted in two of the snowiest winters on record for the South Jersey/Philly area. I think this trend will continue, and the Negative Arctic Oscillation cycle will continue to play out this year, although not as extreme as the past two years. This is based in nothing scientific, and we’re not off to such a great start what with it being 60 degrees late into November. I do think that we’ll see a turn around, and a sharp one by the first week of December. I also think we’ll see a decent amount of snow (for us, at least), around 40″ or so through the winter. The region has already set a rain record this year, and I think the pattern of heavy precipitation will continue. We just need that Negative Arctic Oscillation to kick in, and we’ll be all set for snow. Hopefully the Poconos will see a much more than the city and suburbs, keeping the resorts open for a long year of snowboarding. One can hope, right?

Also, No Shave November is still going strong, and I’m continuing to raise money for the fight against prostate cancer with Movember. If you’d like to donate to my campaign, you can do so here. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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East Coast November Snowboarding

And the season is underway! This past weekend a group of us headed up to Killington to get some mid-November runs in, and it was well worth the 8 hour drive. It was just one lift and 3 runs (not top to bottom either), but just to get out there and shake the rust off was a great feeling. I had never ridden in November, or on my birthday, so that alone made the trip worth it. That, and starting the season off in a hoodie is never a bad thing.

This trip I rode my DC MLF 154 with Targa bindings and Libertine boots. Too early to break out the Agent Rocker in those thin cover spring conditions. I did get to ask some guys from Rome about the Mod Rocker, and I’m really starting to think this is gonna be my next board. But for now, I’ll just be playing around on the MLF until the conditions get a bit more wintery. Got the next trip plans in the works, and it looks like I’ll have 4 or 5 days on the hill before the Poconos even open up. Not bad.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re about halfway through Movember so there’s still time to donate to support the fight against prostate cancer. Any donation of any size is appreciated. Thanks!

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Local Flavor VI: October Snow

On Halloween weekend, Jersey and the rest of the East Coast saw record snows that ended up shutting down a lot of the Northeast for awhile. We got rain down here in South Jersey, but these guys further north made the best of what snow did fall. Good for them.

Just a reminder, I’m raising money for the fight against prostate cancer through Movember throughout the entire month. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here. Thanks!

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Local Flavor V: Ridin’ Spinnaz

The search for local videos brought me to this one, a sponsor me video from Jon Sgouros, filmed at Mountain Creek, with a few shots at Camelback. At least that’s what I interpreted the random CBK logo that popped up to mean. Apparently Jon thoroughly enjoys spinning on boxes and rails, but I have a feeling it wasn’t enough to land him a sponsorship. Someone really should follow up on these videos, just to see what came of them. WARNING – DUBSTEP AHEAD.

Just a reminder, throughout the month of November, I’ll be raising money to donate to prostate cancer awareness with Movember. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

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Brew Review – Harpoon Octoberfest (with a C)

Harpoon OctoberfestBrewery: Harpoon Brewery
Brew: Octoberfest
Style: Märzan/Oktoberfest
ABV: 5.5%
Price: $8.98
Their Take: Harpoon Octoberfest features a malty, full-bodied taste and deep garnet-red color. We brew this Märzen-style beer with festivals in mind. Celebrate with us. Prosit!

My Thoughts
I know it’s November now (No Shave November, at that), but to me Oktoberfest beers are a fall beer, not restricted to October. I know some companies disagree, as it’s already easier to find winter brews than Oktoberfest, but the next couple reviews are going to be all about this style. First up, we have Harpoon’s, and, honestly, I wasn’t too big of a fan. It had the typical heavier taste of an Oktoberfest, but something was off to me. The beer seemed to have an almost sour finish too it, and it was very distracting to the rest of the taste. The after taste really resonated in the back of my throat and nose, but that wasn’t a good thing. For starting so strong, it really fell off at the end.

Rating: 5/10

Comments are always welcome, and remember, I’ll be raising money for prostate cancer awareness all month with Movember, so feel free to donate here. Thanks!

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Movember x Boards&Brews

boards and brews movemberProstate cancer. It’s the second most common cancer among men in the US, causing more than 33,000 deaths in 2011 alone, with another 240,000 new cases found this year, including one in my own family. I’m sure you know someone who has been affected by it, whether that person is in your family or just a loved one. It’s one of those things that you never think about until it hits close to home. And then you wonder, what can I do and is it too late? The answer is no, it’s never too late to get the word out. So, for the month of November, Boards&Brews will be adding another B to the pack – beards.

Throughout November, which I am starting clean-shaven, I will be participating in No Shave November as a Mo Bro and raising money for prostate cancer research with over 1 million other people around the world through Movember. Technically, Movember is all about growing a mustache, but my mustache growing abilities are rather subpar. My beard growing, however, is a bit more acceptable. So I will be altering Movember a bit to take part in No Shave November. The important part, however, is raising awareness about this disease, and hopefully donating a some money to quality organizations dedicated to the cause.

I will be posting pictures throughout Movember as evidence of the process. If you would like to donate with Boards&Brews, follow this link to donate through Movember, and spread the word about the cause. I don’t have much to offer those who donate other than a grateful thank you, however the person who gives the most by the end of the month will get to choose how I shave the beard at the start of December. I’ll wear that around for a while as a extra thank you for your kindness. Fu manchu? You got it. Neck beard? Done deal. Chin strap? I’ll do it, albeit reluctantly.

For more information about Movember, check out their site here. To learn more about prostate cancer and the campaign’s beneficiary, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, visit them here. And if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate here. Thank you so much for your generosity, it truly is appreciated.

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Local Flavor IV: Some Randoms at Blue

Happy Halloween! Hopefully the holiday treated you well and you got nice and drunk. Or ate a lot of candy. Or both. Whatever works for you, I hope that happened. The lady shred and I had a Halloween House Warming party, and were able to dress up as Dexter and a victim, complete with a kill room with pictures of everyone attending hanging up. It turned out really well, check out the pics and GIF after the jump. Yes, I still find GIFs to be entertaining. I know this isn’t really about snowboarding or beer (there was a lot of beer at the party though, and a lot left over which works well for the brew reviews), but I wanted to share these shots. Continue reading

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Union Danny Kass Bindings Have Arrived

Danny Kass Union BindingsThis isn’t what I was talking about when I said I had an announcement yesterday, but I just thought I’d let people in the South Jersey/Philly area know that some Danny Kass bindings came in to D&Q. They’re tie dyed and come with their own case. Pretty sick, definitely check ’em out.

The main thing that I wanted to announce is that I will be participating in a modified Movember throughout the month of November. Continue reading

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